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Day Retreat on the 9th of December

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

The "One Day Retreats" held on November 11th saw the participation of approximately 20 attendees during the morning session. It was truly delightful to welcome Ajahn Big from Amaravati on his inaugural visit to Norway. Notably, several attendees drove all the way from Sweden to partake in the entire day's events, adding a special warmth and cheer to our informal afternoon tea session.

The next retreat will be on the 9th of December. Please visit this link to join us and see more upcoming events. These day retreats will usually be hosted on the second Saturday of each month.

You are welcome to bring food to the buffet, so that there will be enough for everyone.

WHERE: Skiptvet Buddhist Monastery, Lundsveien 196, 1816 Skiptvet

WHEN: Arrival from 9:00 in the morning. Most participants usually depart around 18:00 but you are welcome to stay longer or shorter than that if you prefer. You are welcome to participate for the whole or part of the day retreat.


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