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Dugnad - 23rd September

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Dear friends of the monastery in Skiptvet,

This autumn we are planning a “dugnad” at the monastery for both the Norwegian and the Thai community associated with the monastery. We hope that this will be a great day of team spirit and mutual learning.

WHEN: Saturday 23rd September, from 9:00-16:00

WHERE: Lokuttara Vihara, Lundsveien 196, Skiptvet

MEAL: There will be a “Dana-meal” at 11:00. This means that the meal will consist of the offerings that are brought by the participants. It will first be offered to the monastic community and then shared by everyone. Please feel free to contribute as you wish.

TRANSPORTATION: If you need help with transportation, perhaps you can find someone to commute with in this Facebook group:

There are various tasks to be done, and the distribution of tasks will be done on the site depending on how many people show up, etc.

Potential tasks include:

* Moving and cutting firewood

* Collecting small brushwood for a bonfire

* Clearing paths in the forest

* Creating paths for Walking meditation in the area around the sala

* At the end of the day we might light a bonfire if it is possible.


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