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New Year’s Eve 2023

On the evening of the 31st of December 2023, Skiptvet Buddhist Monastery will host a special program for those who are eager to welcome the New Year together in a wholesome and skillful way.

  • 19:00 Chanting & meditation (Meditation hall)

  • 20:00 Dhamma Talk

  • 23:30 Paritta chanting

  • 00:00 Chant Jayaparitta to welcome the New Year togegher

  • After midnight: Hot drinks will be served in the main house (all are welcome to join).

The main house will remain open and heated throughout the evening. You are welcome to use it, especially if you wish to take a break and make yourself a hot drink between the Dhamma talk and paritta chanting.

The meditation hall will remain open until the next morning for those who wish to maditate all night —nesajjika— sitter’s practice, one of 13 dhutaṅga.


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