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Return of the Day Retreats

Updated: Jul 2

Dear friends, it is with great joy that we can start offering our Day Retreats once again.

So the first one will be very soon. On Saturday the 6th of July.

There will be sitting and walking meditation, together with instructions.

In the afternoon there will also be a communual tea session were questions on meditation and life can be discussed.

The meal is offered at 11:00. If you so wish, you are welcome to bring food for the buffet to make sure that there will be enough for everyone.

There is no need to register beforehand.

WHERE: Skiptvet Buddhist Monastery, Lundsveien 196, 1816 Skiptvet

WHEN: Saturday the 6th of July. Arrival from 9:00 in the morning. Most participants usually depart around 18:00 but you are welcome to stay longer or shorter than that if you prefer. You are welcome to participate for the whole or part of the day retreat.

For more info, please refer to:

We hope to see you on Saturday.


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