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Summer Retreat 2024

Updated: Jun 7

Skogskloster Buddhistsamfunn would like to welcome you to the annual silent summer retreat at the monastery in Skiptvet Lokuttara Vihara.  

There will be daily sessions of Buddhist teachings and meditation practice led by Ajahn Kongrit, and the retreat will, as usual, take place in silence. Both new and familiar faces are welcome, but we recommend that participants have some previous meditation experience.


The retreat will begin on Saturday the 22nd of June at 17:00, with practical information and orientation, and people are very welcome to arrive earlier and settle in. We ask that you have finished setting up your tent by this time.

The retreat will end on Sunday the 30th of June, after the meal, around 13:00. 

Unfortunately it is not possible to register for only part of the retreat. 

You are welcome to arrive the day before the retreat starts to get to know others and find peace.

You can also stay an extra day after the retreat for those who would like to stay on and settle back into the world more softly, to talk and get to know the other retreatants, to enjoy the forest, to get to know the monastery, or to keep meditating in solitude in the forest.


Bhava - becoming: Be there, done that then what's next?


The food is offered by the Skogskloster association. Breakfast is offered at 07:00 and the main meal is at 11:00. There is also afternoon tea at 17:00. 


The facilities are simple and there are limited spaces available. The accommodation is based on camping. You must bring your own tent and everything you need for living outdoors for 9 days, and the monastery has many nice spots to set up tents.

All accommodation is gender separated.

There are showers available, but we kindly ask that you try to minimize your use out of consideration for the other participants and the environment. There is no access to laundry facilities.

Eight Precepts

All participants are expected to adhere to the “Eight precepts” throughout their entire stay at the monastery. Please refer to this site for a description of the precepts:


Skiptvet buddhistkloster

Lundsveien 196

1816 Skiptvet

Other information

The retreat is a silent retreat, which means that participants do not speak to each other during the retreat. This might be unfamiliar for those who have not tried it before, but experience shows that it is beneficial for the practice.

Mobile phones must either be handed in before the retreat or be in airplane mode throughout the retreat.

Please bring a clock that you can use as an alarm clock and to keep track of time. We kindly ask that you do not bring a mobile phone around the retreat.

If someone has to contact you during the retreat, there is an emergency number: 90966462.

The teachings will be given in English.


Please e-mail if you have any questions.


The teachings and the accommodation are offered for free, in accordance with the Theravada tradition, but donations to the monastery and/or voluntary work in the future are very welcome, please feel free to contribute as you see fit.

Lokuttara Vihara operates solely on volunteer work and donations, as well as the membership fees from individuals in Skogkloster Buddhistsamfunn. Generosity (Dana)  is a fundamental aspect of Buddhist practice, and we encourage individuals to only take what they need and to give what they can. This inclusive approach allows for participation regardless of one's financial means. Your contribution supports the ongoing operation and upkeep of Lokuttara Vihara. We invite everyone to visit the monastery at their convenience and to take part in the various retreats and events held throughout the year. We appreciate any support and involvement in our community.


Those who apply to participate but do not get a spot can choose to be on a waiting list. To ensure those on the waiting list have a chance to join if spaces become available, we'd prefer people not to cancel right before the retreat. To avoid this, we have a deposit that must be paid when the application for participation is accepted. One is not considered registered until the deposit has been paid. 

The deposit is NOK 1500. You will receive payment details when your application has been accepted.

It will be refunded when the retreat is over. The deposit will not be refunded if one cancels less than four weeks before the retreat.

Apply to participate

Please complete the application form by visiting There are 20 spots available.

In order for all participants of the retreat to have the best possible experience, we will contact those who submit an application by phone or email to clarify whether this retreat is suitable for them and to ensure that applicants know what to expect.

If you have limited experience with meditation and/or being in silence for extended periods of time, we would recommend you visit the monastery to become more familiar and perhaps even stay overnight. Please see

Everyone is welcome at the retreat regardless of religious affiliation or anything else!

Enjoy and relax, and don’t try too hard. We wish you a great retreat experience 🙂


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