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Vesak 2024

Updated: Apr 9

Vesak (Visakha Puja) is one of the major events in the Buddhist calendar, usually observed on the full moon of May. It commemorates the Buddha’s birth, Awakening, and passing into Parinibbāna.

According to our calendar, this year Vesak falls on the 22nd of May, a Wednesday. To make sure that as many people as possible can visit the monastery, we will celebrate it at Lokuttara on Sunday 12 May.

This year, we have the good fortune of having three revered senior Thai monks present on this occasion: Luang Por Damrong (abbot of Wat Pluem Pattana, Burirum) and Luang Por Sophon (abbot of Wat Bueng Latthiwan, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya) who are both direct disciples of Ajahn Chah. Luang Por Sawang (abbot of Wat Pah Vivek, Ubon Ratchathani) who has kept a connection with the West over the years, will also be present. These three esteemed monks will be staying at Lokuttara from the 28th of April to the 15th of May.

10:00 – All gather in the dāna sāla (main house)

10.30 – Rice bindabat (alms-round)

11.00 – Meal offering, followed by a communal meal.

12.45 – All gather in the sāla (meditation hall)

13.00 – Meditation following by Dhamma Talk by a senior monk (in Thai and English)

14.00 – Blessing and closing the afternoon session.

19.00 – Chanting & meditation (Meditation hall)

20.00 – Circumambulation

All are warmly invited to join.

Please note that the program is subject to change as needed.


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